New Walmington Pier

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An Edwardian Day Out

Shore end

Passengers wait for the arriving pier tram.

An old Walmington Horse Tram Company body is the shelter. On the beach is a 'Bathing Machine' (mobile ladies changing unit) characterising the Victorian and Edwardian beach scene.

Dominating the corner is the Walmington Hydraulic Lift Company connecting between beach and promenade. 

The shore scene is of Dover's Burlington Hotel, built in 1860 and destroyed during World War 2.

Over the waves - 

Southend Pier Railway 'Toastrack' Car

The Shapeways/Westgate Models Southend Pier Railway Car finished in Teak with a mid-Grey roof. It is populated with Preiser 1900s figures, mounted on a Kato 9mm gauge tram chassis and weighted with two 5g tyre weights.  

The Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine

This came about from a forum comment about the aerial view taken of the model, after a lot of searching I obtained a near-scale Corgi model of the 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer which is now mounted above the backscene.

The End of the Pier Show

At the pier head the German Carousel, Punch & Judy Puppet Show, Balloon Seller, Organ Grinder with performing monkeys and a Cockney Flower Seller all await you!!

Underneath the pier and inserted into the backscene is a speaker with a sound chip to give an ambient seaside sound to the whole model.

All three feet of New Walmington Pier!

Didn't we 'ave a luvverly time on New Walmington Pier.